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Анастасия Абрамова-Гуэндель — свадебный фотограф с большим опытом в съемке французских и международных брендов. Контакты фотографа на сайте top15moscow.
Фотографы Anastasia Abramova-Guendel
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Анастасия Абрамова-Гуэндель — свадебный фотограф с большим опытом съемок для французских и международных брендов

Модный репортаж — так можно описать стиль, в котором сегодня снимает фотограф. Больше 20 лет назад она уехала из России за границу и с тех пор жила в Италии, Германии, Австрии, Коста-Рике и теперь — во Франции. Она свободно владеет 5 языками, находит вдохновение в самых красивых уголках планеты и снимает свадьбы по всему миру.

Anastasia Abramova-Guendel

Анастасия снимает вместе со своим мужем — фотографом Федерико Гуэндель. Вместе они создали эстетический проект The Guendels, в рамках которого делают вдохновляющие съемки для счастливых и влюбленных в друг друга людей

Во время съемки Анастасия и Федерико становятся лучшими друзьями пары: они знают как расслаблять их перед камерой и незаметно улавливать самые искренние эмоции. Много лет они работали на Парижской неделе моды, провели множество кампаний и лукбуков для французских и международных брендов, привнося этот опыт в свою работу и создавая потрясающие свадебные истории.

05 сентября 2020

I can't say enough good things about Anastasia's work.

But I can say that hiring her to be our wedding photographer was the best investment we made! We flew her from Paris to New York to shoot our big day, and would do it over again in a heartbeat. She is a total pro and the only person I trusted to capture our big day. Our wedding photos are absolutely stunning and bring happy tears to my eyes every time I look at them!
I actually asked Anastasia to be my wedding photographer long before I was engaged. I worked with her in Paris a few times and she not only made me feel at ease, but made me look absolutely beautiful in every single photo. I've worked with a lot of photographers in my life, and I can tell you Anastasia is the best. She really cares about her clients and that shows in her work. She takes the time to make the little adjustments that really make a photo. And her tips on posing and posture are truly priceless!
We were lucky enough to have Anastasia with us not only on our wedding day, but for the days and events leading up to it, and by the time everything was over, she felt like family. Anastasia was a comforting presence to me and my husband, and so kind and generous to our friends and families. In addition, she is warm, patient, kind, hilarious, and above all, an insanely talented photographer who will make your wedding dreams come true! You can count on her to go above and beyond for you. And of course, give you the wedding photos you've always dreamed of!
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01 сентября 2020

Anastasia did such a fantastic job with our Paris wedding and we couldn’t have been happier.

In addition to taking gorgeous pictures, she was extremely helpful in guiding us through what to do because my husband and I are definitely not naturals in front of the camera! Her creative vision and attention to detail resulted in a collection of breathtakingly beautiful photos of our special day and she captured touching moments I would have never seen. She brought out the love and joy in every person she captured!
We also had so much fun with her and truly appreciated her calmness in moments of high stress I experienced throughout the wedding day.
Another thing we were impressed with was how quickly we received our preview photos (the day after the wedding!) and we didn’t waste a moment sharing them with all of our friends and family. I have received such rave reviews from everyone about our wedding photos.
My husband and I are planning an anniversary trip back to Paris and we will definitely book her again for another photoshoot!
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05 декабря 2021

Anastasia flew all the way to Chicago to photograph our wedding!

We are so lucky that she was with us on our special day.  She did an amazing job capturing every moment and every feeling of the day.  She has such incredible artistic ability and a great eye and made us feel so comfortable on our wedding day.  She did a beautiful job touching up and editing the photos and sent them back to us so promptly.  I love that the photos look so natural and truly capture who we are as a couple.  We look through the photos all the time and are instantly brought back to that day.  There are a lot of talented photographers out there but none with the attention to detail and care like Anastasia has! She has become a lifelong friend!
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