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Джоэл и Юстина - свадебные фотографы из Канады с очень особенным подходом к своим работам
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Джоэл и Юстина - свадебные фотографы из Канады с очень особенным подходом к своим работам.

Джоэл и Юстина познакомились на Craigslist, сайте электронных объявлений. Еще в 2008 Юстина искала фотографа для творческого проекта, которым она руководила. Джоэл наткнулся на ее объявление и предложил собственную кандидатуру. За этим последовали годы творческого сотрудничества, дружбы, исследований и признательности друг к другу.  Постепенно это переросло в ухаживания, романтику, красивую свадьбу и не менее прекрасный брак.

Имея образование в области истории искусств, опыт работы в модельном бизнесе, семейный бизнес в портретной фотографии и взаимную любовь к французскому декаденству: идеально рассеянный свет, старые книги в твердом переплете, экзотические путешествия и пьянящие духи, пара отражает все это в своих работах.

Joel & Justyna

Мы хотим запечатлеть для вас эти теплые воспоминания, которые вы сможете сохранить навсегда

Джоэл и Юстина искренне верят, что в жизни есть главы, абзацы, книги и тома. Свадьба - это одновременно начало и конец книги. Редко в жизни бывают моменты, когда такое количество любви наполняет пространство. Джоэл и Юстина знают, как замечательно и важно запечатлеть не просто эти мимолетные моменты, но и настоящие чувства…Вот, о чем их фотографии. Их raison-d’être.

20 мая 2022

Dearest Joel and Justyna

I have been anxiously waiting for Lenny to get home all day so we could watch this slide show and now we can’t stop watching it. We’re truly at a loss for words.

We are brought to tears and transported back to the immense amount of happiness and love we felt our entire day. The music you picked to narrate this photo slide show could not be more perfect. It’s almost as if the song was made for this slide show it fits the emotion of our day so well. Thank you for this beautiful gift. You two are incredible artists and these photos are absolutely breathtaking. You have exceeded our expectations in every way. We are so in love with what we see and so grateful to you both for paying such close attention to every detail and capturing it all so beautifully.

It was an honor to work with you both.  We could not have picked a more classy and talented pair to photograph our most special day.

Thank you both so much, from the bottom of our hearts
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20 мая 2022


These photos are amazing. You somehow managed to capture all the energy and emotion of the day. I've already gone through them a couple times and know that's all I'll be doing today.

I want to thank the two of you from the bottom of my heart. Wayyyyy back when we started planning, we put photographer at the top of our list of vendors because we had a very specific vision in our head of what we wanted. Venue, dress, flowers - it wouldn't matter what we chose as long as we had a photographer (or, in this case, two) who could capture it all in a timeless, artistic way. You are all that and more. We looked through so many (SO many) photographer's portfolios before we found you, and I'm so glad we did. I could not be happier with these images and will cherish them for the rest of my life.

We've already gotten so many compliments on the images that we've shared with our friends and family, I know they're going to be just as thrilled with these as we are. We're hosting Christmas Eve dinner for the first time tonight and I can't wait to show everyone!!

Thank you again. Seriously.
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20 мая 2022


I'm not someone who likes to express myself in words, actions and touch are my love language. If you two were a closer distance, I'd come over and give you both the biggest of hugs and refuse to let go. I'd clean your house, walk (and play with) Bort, cook you breakfast, lunch, and dinner and let you have the day for yourselves. This email to me simply isn't enough. Those two days meant everything to me and it was captured and presented in an extraordinary fashion.

Thanks again you two for all of your work, artistic vision, professionalism, ease to work with, and so much more! We also hope our paths will cross in the future.

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