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Страница свадебного агентства Happy Moments Collector на TOP15MOSCOW ⇪. Агентство Happy Moments — организация свадьбы в Италии. Многократные победители WEDDING AWARDS и LITTLE BLACK BOOK MEMBER.
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Мечты должны сбываться. Особенно, если это мечты невесты, которая представляет каждую деталь своей будущей свадьбы, или начинает подготовку к ней. Такие мечты исполняет свадебное агентство Happy Moments Collector!

Happy Moments Collector — дружная команда event-организаторов в Италии, которые уделяют особенное внимание деталям и вкладывают весь профессионализм в свою работу. Это удивительные свадьбы в самых красивых теплых уголках: озеро Комо, Маджоре, Гарда, регионы Тоскана, Лигурия и Амальфитанское побережье. Для них свадебный день — больше, чем просто событие. Каждое мероприятие они создают с душою и особым трепетом. 

Happy Moments Collector

Concept. Planning. Wedding. Утонченные свадьбы и мероприятия в Италии и Европе!

Исполняя мечту невест, команда Happy Moments Collector также исполняет свою. Какая она у них? Чтобы ваш торжественный день окутал вас волною счастья и запомнился на всю жизнь.

04 июня 2018

Kevin and I are emailing you to thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for the most AMAZING day of our lives

We are still in love, in disbelief and in awe at how perfectly everything turned out! We owe it all to both of your hard work and care! You treated us like family and we cannot thank you enough! Our friends and family are still talking about how incredible our wedding was! There are no words to express how happy we are! If you ever need client referrals we would be more than happy to talk to anyone and ease any concerns. We would be honored to rave about how amazing you both and your services are so feel free to reach out to us anytime you need a review or referral!

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15 мая 2018

We just came back from our honeymoon and cannot be happier how everything turned out.

Everyone is calling this the best wedding they've ever been to and the fairytail. It's beyond my expectation and it's hard to meet my expectations. Everything went so quickly that I want to repeat it over and over again. A lot of guests posted pictures and videos and we are enjoying going through all of it. It's all a blur to us. We couldn't have done it without you. You went far and beyond for our wedding and it was perfect. It's a lot of work, we appreciate the work. We will be coming back to celebrate our anniversary and hope to see you then.


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18 апреля 2018

Your search ends here. Hire Anastasia and Margherita! We could not have asked for a more professional, patient, experienced, kind, or fun-loving team to plan and coordinate our wedding.

Guests have come to us weeks since the wedding to comment not just on how beautiful the flowers were, or how great the band was, but also on how well the wedding flowed from ceremony to dinner to toasts to dancing and so on. There was never a dull or confusing moment, and we never felt stressed or unsure.

Our wedding was everything we could have ever wanted and more, and we absolutely could not have done it without them. We never felt for a moment that we were anything less than a first priority, though I know we were married at peak wedding season.

Anastasia and Margherita, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for helping us realize the wedding of our dreams! We'll be fantasizing about our vow renewal in Tuscany... :)

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14 марта 2018

We saw on Instagram that you’re out in Tuscany for the weekend – it looks incredible! I hope you’re all finding time to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings around all the hard work.

Alex and I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help with our wedding day. The last month has absolutely flown by (just like the day itself) and our friends and family still cannot stop telling us how wonderful a time they had and how impressed they were with the incredible work that you did! We know that you probably have lots of weddings to balance in the run up to the summer, and some may be bigger or more expensive or just need more attention, but we felt at every stage like you were there with us in the weeks before ours and that was so evident on the day. You took our half-made plans and ideas and made them into a beautiful vision that we could never have achieved on our own.

Thanks to all of you for making our special day even more special. We hope that we can cross paths again soon – we’ll be recommending Italian weddings to all of our friends :)

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